World Toilet Day celebrated by SEVAI NGO in Trichy District.

World Toilet Day celebrated by SEVAI NGO in Trichy District.

World Toilet Day-2017 observed in SEVAi.

SEVAI NGO in Trichy observed World Toilet Day on 19 November, 2017 in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Pettavaithalai to raise awareness of the sanitation needs. K.Govindaraju, the founder Director of SEVAI spoke on this occasion that World Toilet Day is a call to action to reach everyone in the world so that their human right to sanitation is achieved and accessing safe drinking water and sanitation is a human right and everyone, without discrimination, is to have physical and affordable access to sanitation, in all spheres of life, that is safe, hygienic, secure, socially and culturally acceptable and that provides privacy and ensures dignity. Open defecation free cities and villages provide a step to Perfect sanitation. We need to keep openly talking about sanitation and working on it with strong commitments from all stakeholders of clean India and open defecation free surroundings.  Each year, World Toilet Day is an

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opportunity to raise awareness of the billions of people who do not have access to a toilet. It also creates urgency for action and can stimulate momentum for improving sanitation for households and communities. World Toilet Day was created by the World Toilet Organization in 2001. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations said that they have a moral imperative to end open defecation and a duty to ensure women and girls are not at risk of assault and rape simply because they lack a sanitation facility. He went on to talk about how having to defecate openly infringes on human safety and dignity, and how women and girls risk rape and abuse as they wait until night falls to relieve themselves because they lack of access to a toilet that offers privacy. Another issue is that toilets generally remain inadequate for populations with special needs, such as the disabled and elderly.  We also need to work towards breaking various taboos surrounding the topic, in order to facilitate discussion and lead to the creation of better, safer solutions. K.Govindaraju appreciated

Household toilet constructed in Gundur

the initiatives taken by Trichy District Collector Thiru.K.Rajamani as Trichirapalli District in Tamilnadu is getting ready for the completion of the constriction of household toilets and use them by the population. District Collector Mr.K.Rajamani takes special attention for the construction of toilets and also the use of the toilets in the entire district of Trichy and the District Collector with his team and volunteers visits the villages and he is very optimistic that he ensures the population is   to realize why toilets are important, and the people have willingly opted to construct household toilets with their participation with Clean India and the Results in this approach is very functional.”



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